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Time for a College Football Playoff

Posted on: December 20, 2009 2:23 pm
I put together a playoff using the Bowls back when the BCS crap started..and you surely could use the Bowls. One of the reasons some say they don't want a playoff, is because of the History and tradition of Bowl games. (Plus the money..don't forget the money..although, they don't say that)

I believe there are 120 NCAA Division ! schools..and 34 bowl games..meaning 68 teams play in a Bowl of some magnitude.. that is over half of all Division I schools.

Take the BCS and the Top 16 Teams...and seed them'll need 15 Bowl games for the Championship..leaving 19 Bowl Games for the rest of the teams..(or 14 Bowl currently..the BCS Championship Game is not played in a the Bowls as I describe would leave 56 teams playing in Bowls..or almost half the Division I schools)

Under the current setup..34 Bowl Games=68 teams Under my idea 34 Bowl Games = 54 Teams.. Or 34 Bowl Games=56 Teams..if you have a NCG outside of a Bowl. That's still almost half of all schools going to a Bowl game.

So you lose a bunch of 7-5 and 6-6 teams..

They'd have to juggle the schedule a bit for the bowls..but they should be able to do this..all bowl games used to be finished by Jan are 9 bowl games which will be played after Jan 1st..

Using the BCS to determine the Top 16..would leave your playoff teams as :(Ranked using the BCS)
Boise St
Ohio St
Georgia Tech
Virginia Tech
Penn St
West Virginia

Start with the Insight Bowl #1 Alabama Vs #16 West Virginia(I think that would outdraw 6-6 Minnesota Vs 6-6 Iowa St)
Outback Bowl Features #2 Texas Vs #15 Miami(Fla)
 Capital One Bowl would have #3 Cincinnati Vs #14 BYU
 Gator Bowl #4 TCU Vs #13 Penn St
Chick-Fil Bowl #5 Florida Vs #12 LSU
Sun Bowl #6 Boise St Vs #11 Virginia Tech
Holiday Bowl #7 Oregon Vs #10 Iowa
Liberty Bowl #8 Ohio St Vs #9 Georgia Tech

Those Bowls would probably generate far more interest and $ than some of the current matchups..

Just for the sake of this post..we'll assume all Top seeds advance..

Champs Sports Bowl hosts #4 TCU Vs #5 Florida
 Alamo Bowl #3Cincinnati Vs #6 Boise St
Cotton Bowl #2 Texas Vs #7 Oregon
Sugar Bowl #1 Alabama Vs #8 Ohio St

Then Fiesta Bowl #1 Alabama Vs #4 TCU
Orange Bowl #2Texas Vs #3 Cincinnati

Rose Bowl = National Championship

(Or as I said..eliminate one Bowl the BCS currently is not played as a Bowl game..and leave it for teams that didn't make the Top That would mean..once the Bowls'd be left with a National Championship Game.. They could figure out how to split up the money..(or maybe this appears to be the BIG reason..there isn't a NCG and playoffs)

 I'm fairly certain these bowl games would generate far more revenue as part of a playoff system..than they do now.. This would mean..that some other Bigger schools..who don't make the playoffs..would trickle down to the "lesser" bowls..and thus..those "lesser" bowls would make more money too.
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Time for a College Football Playoff

I think a better system would be a eight team playoff. Where all start the season in the last weekend of August. Then at the end move up the Army-Navy game to Sunday after Thanksgiving as the last game. Then next two weeks you take the 8 to 2. Then the 6 teams that loss will be slotted into in the Jan 1 bowls with two wild cards to the Orange, Rose, Sugar and Fiesta Bowls. The Two winners then would meet in the NC game. 

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